Give Thanks, Be Giving

In this year that has been incredibly challenging for so many, we at LEK Management want to take the time to thank our clients. As the season of giving begins, those among us who are lucky enough to have an abundance may start to think about how we can give back.  Here are four safe ways to give others something to be thankful for!

Family Giving

If you are family-minded, you may want to look into donating food. Many families are having trouble putting food on the table during the pandemic. For ongoing giving, visit a website such as Family-to-Family that will enable you to donate in order to feed a family in need on a monthly basis.  There are a number of options available. Shared donations can ease the burden of hunger on families who are living in poverty.

The Drive to Give

All you need is a valid driver’s license and you’ll be on the road to giving back! Volunteer with your local Meals on Wheels (or a similar organization) to deliver hot meals to the homebound on Thanksgiving Day [or any day].

Fighting for Good

We are grateful every day for the sacrifices made by our military. Consider giving back to these brave individuals. Many are stationed overseas and unable to spend Thanksgiving with their families. Organizations such as Operation Gratitude will allow you to fund care packages. These will be sent where they’re needed most. They will provide addresses so you can send personal letters of gratitude to those who are serving our country. 

Bank on Giving

Local food banks are, of course, accepting donations prior to Thanksgiving.  If you are hosting a small dinner this year, consider buying an extra item or two to share. After the big day, you may find you bought too many boxes of stuffing or canned vegetables.  Instead of letting these non-perishables take up space in your cupboard, you can “deposit” them at the food bank to be distributed to those in immediate need.

And…Remember to always be thankful for your ability to be giving.