July 2, 2017


Fiscal Management

Tax Services


Clients are provided with tasks performed by CFOs on contractual terms.  In a global and dynamic environment, businesses need to have up-to-date information to make strategic decisions promptly.  This service offer business the flexibility of obtaining this expertise on contractual terms.

Asset & Risk Management Assessment

Performance, performance, performance!  Tracking historical data to stay ahead of the competition is critical to business success.  Our clients understand that need and utilize this service for efficient management of resources and risk.

Corporate Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax planning should be performed by every business on a regular basis to ensure tax liability is effectively managed. 

Personal and Corporate Tax Remediation Services

If you think your tax liability has been incorrectly allocated, we will perform an assessment and represent you with the taxing agencies.

For years my corporation had been losing money and I was about to close down.  Lynn helped us reconstruct our operations and pricing to obtain a positive cash flow.

Before meeting with Lynn, I was working 10 and 12 hour days and was barely making ends meet.  Providing continuous guidance, Lynn identified the profitable areas that I should focus on.  As a result, we have increased revenue and experienced a dramatic rise in profits.